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Hello and Welcome to My Tumbler Page

Custom & Personalized

Here you can find my Custom Personalized Powder Coated Stainless Steel  Tumblers for sale which make great gifts for friends, loved ones, businesses, or you can even treat yourself.  

All tumblers are double-wall vacuum insulate and feature a tinted sliding lid.  Custom design choices are unlimited by your imagination including color choice(s), image(s), lettering, or your own design. 

Standard personalized pricing starts at $17 which includes your choice of one Standard Single Stage Solid Color (such as blue, red, yellow, white, black, brown, green, purple shown in color photo gallery below) and any personalized lettering of your choosing (such as name, date or slogan). Choice of Additional Tumbler Options available include transparent, candy, dormant, wrinkle, texture, vein or shimmer colors, clear coating, additional lettering, logos and images, and ombre transitional coating effect.  Full descriptions of these standard and optional features are provided in more detail below.

Note: these tumblers are not dish washer safe and should be hand washed with soap and mild detergent.  Also, do not use chlorinated cleaners on any powder coated surface as they will affect the appearance of the coating.

Submitting Your Custom Tumbler Order

Thank you for your interest. What To Know About Ordering

Standard Tumbler Feature Pricing - Regardless of tumbler type or size, Standard Tumbler Features include:

  • Type and Size of Your Tumbler
  • Your choice of a Single Matte Power Color Finish, and
  • Your choice of lettering to include a name, slogan or other lettering. 
  • Font Choice (please read additional font info below)

Standard Matte Color Selection - There are 9 Standard Matte Color Choices.  Color choices are included in my color photo gallery below and include:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Brown

FONTS - Due the the thousands of fonts available, I do not limit your choice.  To choose your font, please visit and have your font selection ready to include in the "Tumbler Selections" of your Order Form.  All fonts are free.

Optional Tumbler Features -  Individual preferences vary by the thousands.  In order to make your all of your standard and optional order selections easy, I have tried to make your ordering experience as easy and flexible as possible.  Optional tumbler selections and details are provided below.  

  • Custom Color Type (Translucent, Candy, Wrinkle, Texture, Vein, Other)
  • Custom Color Selection 
  • Clear Coat - Choice of Std Matte Finish, Semi-Gloss, Gloss, or Metallic
  • Additional Lettering, Name or Slogan
  • Optional Logos and Images
  • Optional Ombre Coating Effect

Optional Color Type & Selection - Also referred to as Optional Colors.  These types of Colors and Finish Selections are available by the hundreds, and include translucent, candy, dormant, shimmers wrinkles, textured and veins.  These types of coatings and finishes are considered optional since there are literally hundreds to choose from and coatings that are not commonly stocked and require custom order.  Application of these types of coatings are charged at a flat rate of $7.00 to cover the cost of the material and shipping.  If you would like to choose a non-standard color or finish (click here), various powder sources (click here) are available on my home page.  If you chose this option, please include this in the "Optional Tumbler Selections" portion of your Order Form (I also recommend copying and pasting the color hyperlink in the "Optional Tumbler Selections" portion or the "Special Instructions" Section of your order form).

Optional Clear Coat - For further UV and base color coat protection, clear coats are available in matte, semi-gloss, gloss and metallic gloss finishes. 

Optional - Additional Lettering - In addition to the standard text included with your tumbler,  you may choose to have additional lettering, name or a slogan of any kind added on your personalized tumbler.  If you chose this option, please include this in the "Optional Tumbler Selections" portion of your Order Form.


Optional Images and Logos - If you would like to include an image, logo of both on your tumbler, your Order Form allows you to include these as attachments at the end of the form.  If you do not have a specific image your would like to include, then please include in the "Special Instructions" what type of image you would like and I will locate one for you that you will be able to approve when you receive the draft of your tumbler.  For Example: Special Instructions to include an image mat read "I would like an image of vine grapes on the front of my tumbler," or "I would like the Philadelphia Eagles Logo on the back of my tumbler."

Optional Ombre Coating Effect - Please include your color preferences in the "Optional Tumbler Selections" portion of your Order Form.  Example: White Top, Black Bottom Ombre Effect.

Optional Tumbler Feature Price List:

  • Custom Color (other than standard colors described below) - Add $7.00
  • Image - Add $7.00
  • Logo - Add $7.00
  • Additional Lettering - Add $5.00
  • Type of Font  - No Charge
  • Clear Coating (Matte, Semi-Gloss, Gloss) - Add $5.00
  • Clear Metallic Coating - Add $7.00
  • Ombre Coating Effect - Add $10.00

Tumbler Types and Pricing:

  • 10 oz STEMLESS WINE W/ SLIDING LID - $17   
  • 10 oz STEM WIND W/ SLIDING LID - $18   
  • 12 oz TUMBLER W/STRAW & SLIDING LID- $19   
  • 12 oz SODA CAN TUMBLER   W/ SCREW ON LID - $19   
  • 14 oz TUMBLER W/ STRAW & NON SLIDE LID - $21   
  • 17 oz SODA CAN TUMBLER W/ SCREW ON LID - $24   
  • 18 oz HYDRO SPORT BOTTLE w/ POPUP STRAW - $26   
  • 20 oz MODERN CURVE W/ SLIDING LID - $27   
  • 20 oz SKINNY-W/ STRAW & SLIDING LID - $26   
  • 22 oz FATTY W/ STRAW - $27   
  • 24 oz TUMBLER - $29   
  • 25 oz HYDRO SPORT BOTTLE w/ POPUP STRAW - $32   
  • 30 oz SKINNY W/ SLIDING LID   & STRAW - $34   
  • 32 oz SLIM TUMBLER W/ STRAW & SLIDING LID - $36   
  • 32 oz W/ SCREW ON LEAK-PROOF FLIP TOP LID - $36   

To Submit Your Order Form

To submit your order, please read "What to Know About Ordering" information in this section.  The order form is broken into 2 sections to include "Standard Tumbler Selections" and "Optional Tumbler Selections."  Prior to completing your order form, it is easiest to have your specific standard and optional information ready.  If you have any questions about the order form or need help, feel free to contact me directly or include your questions in the "Special Instructions" Section of Your Order Form.

Once I receive your order form, you will receive a confirmation from me followed by a draft design of your tumbler for your review, edit, and approval.  Once you approve your design, you will receive an sales receipt/invoice for payment.  Orders will be processed once payment is received.

To Submit Your Order Form, Click on the Green Order Form Button