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Standard Rates

My pricing for all services is based on a standard labor rate of $55.00 per hour, and includes  material for Standard Colors.  Additional charges will apply for Non-Standard  Colors such as Metallic, Translucent, Candy, Dormant and Shimmer.  When choosing a non-standard (or custom order) color, a credit will be applied for the standard color. 

How Will I Know If The Color I Choose Is Standard or Non-Standard?

Color Choice and Type (standard or non-standard) will always be discussed and identified during the color selection process of planning your restoration project, and confirmed in your written estimate.  Typically, non-standard colors are non-stocked colors and require custom ordering.  Standard colors include but are not limited to all gloss levels for black and white, gunmetal grey, wheel silver, silver metallic,  and matte red/green/yellow/blue/purple/brown.  

What is the Pricing for Non-Standard Colors?

Pricing for Non-Standard Colors vary in cost by the Type of Color selected (Metallic, Translucent, Candy, etc.)., and is always based on the specific color and powder source selected.  Pricing for Non-Standard selections will be disclosed during the planning portion of your project, confirmed in the written estimate, and invoiced at cost with applicable shipping no up-charging.  I do not up-charge any materials.  

Basic Refinishing Services (BRS) for All Powder Coating Restorations

Basic level of service for all restoration and powder coating projects include stripping the existing finish, medial blasting, out gassing if the substrate is a ferrous (porous such as forge/cast aluminum) metal, pre heating to bake off residual contaminants if a non-ferrous metal (such as steel), and powder coating of the Standard Color coat.    Additionally, where required, wheels will be sanded smooth during the primer and/or base coat stages.  (For information about "out gassing," refer to my Disclosure PDF document in the Documents Section of this website).

Optional Powder Coating Services

There are 3 optional level of services to choose from in addition to BRS.  They include:

 - BPP (BRS Plus Primer) - apply an epoxy primer to protect against corrosion

 - BPCC (BRS plus Clear Coat) -  apply a clear coat for UV protection, and

 - CRS (Complete Restoration Services), - BPS plus epoxy primer and clear coat

Low Price Guarantee

My pricing policy provides you with the most reasonable pricing and guarantee that no other powder coater or business provides.  With each project, a written estimate is provided and during the refinishing and powder coating project, all time and materials are tracked (with no rounding).  Once your powder coating project is completed, you will be invoiced for the LOWER of either the written estimate or your project's actual time and material (to include any custom order powder material).  All work records are available upon request.