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Frequently Asked Questions


What does your pricing include?

Response: Services and Pricing is outlined in full on each estimate and invoice. My standard process and pricing include stripping the existing finish, media blasting, pre treatment of the substrate prior to powder coating, pre heating certain non-ferrous metals prior to coating to minimize out gassing, applying out gas formula primer for those same non-ferrous metals (when required), and powder coating. 

Does your low price guarantee apply to all items?

Response: My pricing policy guarantees the customer will only be invoiced for the lower of the written estimate or actual labor, which I track for all work orders. Exclusions would include unforeseen outcomes such as out gassing that would be discussed with the customer prior to proceeding with remaining refinishing services. 

Can I expect to be charged for additional services beyond the written estimate?

Response:  There may be instances where additional work cannot be identified at time of the written estimate and additional work or services may be required.  Any additional work that may be required will be discussed with the customer prior to it being performed. 

What type of services beyond the estimate could I expect to be charged for?

Response: One example would be a rim that has a crack and can only be identified after the rim is stripped and media blasted. Another example would be a rim that out gassed even though the wheel was pre heated to minimize out gassing. Under these types of situations, any apparent need for additional services would be discussed with the customer for their authorization prior to being performed. 

Do you warranty high-temperature coatings?

Response: I do not warranty Hi-Temperature coatings. Hi-Temperature coatings are typically used on exhaust or other parts that are subject to temperatures over 1000 degrees. Due to the differences of how an engine may run too lean or too rich, I cannot guarantee the longevity of the hi temperature coating even though the powder manufacturers technical data sheet for that hi temperature coating may state it is effective over 1000 degrees. 

Do you warranty work over chrome?

Response: I do not warranty coating over chrome. My policy is to warranty any work I do over bare metal. Coating over bare metal provides for the utmost integrity of the coating and provides the customer and me the peace of mind that the powder coating will provide the longevity and durability it is intended to provide. All too often, chrome can exhibit moisture or corrosion between the chrome and the substrate, thereby degrading the integrity of the powder coating and greatly reducing the longevity and durability of the coating.  . 


Can Chrome be Stripped and Do you strip Chrome?

Response: Yes, chrome can be stripped, but only with sulfuric acid.  RiMZCoat does not strip chrome.  If interested in having chrome stripped, I recommend contacting either Lebrandi’s Plating located in Middletown, PA. ( or Reading Plating  & Polishing in Reading, PA (no website available). 

Is there a Chrome Powder?

Response: Yes there are, however they are not as reflective as real chrome. Chrome powders provide for a reflective finish along with a clear coat for UV protection. It is to be noted that clear coats over chrome powder coating will dull the chrome powder finish reflectiveness. 

Do you mount, dismount, and balance rims and tires?

Response: I do not provide these services. However, I can recommend a certified tire/wheel shop to have your tires/wheels dismounted, re-mounted and balanced. 

Do you accept credit and debit cards or personal checks?

Response: I only accept credit/debit cards and personal checks for deposits. All invoice amounts and final payments must be made in cash unless agreed to prior to any work being accepted for refinishing. 

Are deposits required, and if so, how much do you require?

Response: Yes, deposits are required.  A 50% deposit is required for all orders; unless otherwise stated at time of delivering your items for powder coating. Also, a 100% deposit is required for non-stock or custom order colors. All deposits must be made prior to any work being performed. Late deposit payments will delay work being started. 

Why do you require a deposit?

Response: I require deposits for several reasons. Deposits are required as an act of good faith, and also cover the cost of overhead (electric; water); pre treatment and cleaning products; equipment usage and maintenance; required materials (such as stocked powders; and labor costs. 


How do you invoice for custom order, non-stock powders?

Response: Non-stocked powders that need to be special ordered are invoiced at 100% of the cost of the material plus shipping. I only invoice for actual costs plus shipping costs with no material mark ups. I do not profit from the cost of any materials.  

What are you labor rates?

Response: I have one single labor rate of $55.00/hour for all media blasting and powder coating services. Rates for tumblers are listed on my tumbler page, and rates solely for stripping vary by size of item(s).

How durable is powder coating?

Response: Powder coating is more durable than conventional coatings such as spray paint and brushed coatings.  Each cured coating application of powder is very dense and equivalent to 3 mils or 4-6 coats of aerosol. 

What advantages does a clear powder coat provide?

Response: Clear coats primarily serve to provide for UV protection. Clear coats do provide some barrier protection to the base coat, but with any coating, all coatings can be subject to damage commensurate with the substrates intended use and purpose.  

What are your warranty terms?

Response: My workmanship is accompanied by a One-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty for Quality Workmanship.  My Warranty GUARANTEES the quality of my refinished items against defective workmanship operated under normal conditions. The warranty does not, however, cover damage caused by faulty installation, damage to parts due to abuse, misuse, accident, improper maintenance, mishandling, or any natural acts of God.  My warranty additionally does not apply to hi-temperature coatings or any coating applied over chrome parts or chrome wheels. Applicability of warranty will be provided in writing on all invoices.

What colors are considered standard versus custom?

Response : Custom colors are any colors that are not included in standard stocked colors. I do not stock custom colors since there are so many variations and typical shelf life for most powders are less than 12 months. Standard colors stocked include flat/matte/semi-gloss/gloss black, flat and gloss white, silver polyester, silver metallic, and gun metal grey.