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RIM Pricing, Warranty & Comparisons

I encourage all shoppers and customers to search for multiple estimates.  Please make sure when obtaining these estimates to ask questions and make sure you are comparing like services.  As a minimum, I provide you with a Written Estimate, all of my Basic Refinishing Services listed on my Pricing Page, my Low Price Guarantee, and my 1-Year Limited Warranty for Quality Workmanship (unless otherwise stated on your estimate).  Please be sure to also read my FAQ's and Disclosures provided for in the PDF download files below, and always feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you and I hope to be of service!

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RIM Pricing (Guide Only)

Forged/cast rims may experience an out gassing (or bubbling) in the finish. I take every precaution to prevent out gassing, however, rimzcoat cannot be held responsible for out gassing (bubbling) caused by non-ferrous (porous) metals such as forged/cast aluminum.


RIMZCOAT Disclosures ver 10-23-2019 (pdf)


JUST FOR WHEELS: Powder Coating and Q&A (pdf)


FAQ's (pdf)