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Hello. My name is Bob Zarrilli and I am the sole proprietor and owner of RiMZCoat Powder Coating & Media Blast Specialists. My small private shop is located on the boundaries of Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties, PA, and is easily accessible from the Reading and Philadelphia areas.  I founded my company in 2006 and my company name was derived from my name’s formal initials (R.M.Z.). While the RiMZCoat Brand Name alludes to being limited to refinishing and powder coating rims and wheels, my experience includes extensive experience with refinishing numerous types of items for individuals and local businesses for home, housewares, appliance, antique and collectible, marine, motorcycle, and recreational items.  My experience also includes coating applications for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to include aluminum, steel, copper, brass, forged/cast aluminum, and cast and wrought iron. 



My business focuses on providing each client with a comprehensive set of services specific to their needs and budget; a recipe for your complete customer satisfaction. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services I provide to my clients.

Professional Services:

· Powder & Factory Coating


· Media Blasting

· Powder Coating

· Custom Powder Coating 

· Wide Color Selection

· High Temp Coatings

Customer Focused Services:

· Meet & Greet to plan your restoration project

· Ongoing updates with photos throughout the refinishing process

· 10% Military/Veteran Discounts

· 5% Customer Loyalty Discounts 

· Limited 1-Year Warranty for Quality Workmanship

· Low Price Guarantee Policy 



I pride my business on Quality, which is guaranteed by the attention to detail your parts are given in properly preparing and cleaning them before powder coating. This alone is the recipe for show quality parts with the appearance, durability and longevity you expect and deserve. At RiMZCoat, my Standards for Quality, Attention to Detail, and Cost Savings are the core of our business focus, so you can be assured that YOU are getting More for Less!  

 "I know what it's like to be a consumer, and like many, having a deep appreciation for paying for something that turns out to be less than what you expect; something I don't want my customers to ever have to experience when doing business with RiMZCOAT.  I Guarantee this with My Written Estimates & 1-Year Limited Warranty, and look forward to earning your trust! " 

 ~ Bob

  (R.M.Z.) Robert M. Zarrilli, Proprietor  

"Strength in our powders.  Quality in our craftsmanship."

Powder Coating Basics


Stronger, Greener and Better!

It's tough. It looks great. And it lasts a long, long time.

Powder coating is a high quality finish that's found on thousands of products you come in contact with each day. It makes products durable, attractive and extremely scratch-resistant too. How does it work? Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the products to be coated. The parts to be coated are positively grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fuse into a solid coating in a curing oven. The result: a sleek, strong, high-quality finish. 


 Powder coating is available in a wide-array of colors, type, and finish. Depending on your specific application or preference, choices of color coatings and finishes include, but are not limited to: Standard Solid, Specialty, High Temperature, Hi-Tech/Iridescent, and Textured. 


 Powder coating provides for superior consistency and uniformity of the finish without sags, drips, runs, or bubbles. The finish is extremely tough, and provides for a durable coating, which enhances the value of any consumer product to which it is applied. Unlike liquid and aerosol paints, powder coated products are easier to maintain and clean, and are impact resistant, provide a professional appearance, and resist corrosion, cracking and peeling. 

Types of Colors & Finishes

What is a Standard Color?

Colors that do not require a silver or chrome base coating prior to applying the powder coated color. These colors are also known as 'single-stage' colors. Note: light standard colors such as white, yellow, orange and red require a second coat to achieve desired color. Gloss clear coats can be added for a more durable finish but will darken the shade of the standard color.  

What is a Metallic Color?

Colors with a metal flake finish. Metallic coatings are a single-stage coating that does not require a silver or chrome base coating. Gloss clear coats can be added for a more durable finish but will darken the shade of the standard color.  

What is a Translucent Color?

Often referred to as a 2-Stage Color - Colors that allow light to pass through and require a silver or chrome base coating prior to applying translucent color. These types of powder finishes are 2-Stage coatings and not to be confused with transparent. Translucent colors can also be Candy, Shimmer and Dormant Colors.  

What is a Candy Color?

Also referred to as a 2-Stage Color - Colors requiring a silver or chrome powder coated base coat such as Candy Apple Red or Blue. Also known as Anodized Colors. Note: some candy colors require a second coat to achieve the desired color tone. Most candy colors do not require a gloss clear coating for a more dramatic effect. 

What is a Shimmer Color?

Also referred to as a 2-Stage Color - Colors requiring a silver or chrome powder coated base coat. Shimmer colors are candy colors with metal flakes or sparkles. Addition of a gloss clear coating adds a more dramatic effect.

What is a Dormant Color?

Also referred to as 2-stage color - Colors requiring a silver or chrome powder coated base coat. Dormant colors are candy colors and may or may not contain metal flakes or sparkles. Note: many dormant colors such as dormant orange and dormant metal sparkle light blue require a second coat to achieve the desired effect. Addition of a gloss clear coating adds a more dramatic effect. 

Powder Sources - Need Help Choosing A Custom Color?

Columbia Coatings (click photo)


Prismatic Powders (click photo)


All Powder Paints (click photo)


Cardinal Powders (click photo)


Powder Coating Store (click photo)


Powder Buy The Pound (click photo)


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In The News .....



Powder Coated Stainless Steel Tumblers with custom color and design choices.

File Downloads


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