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We take great pride in refinishing your wheels. Wheels do make a statement and depending on your personal preferences, they can range from being simplistic to being eye-catching. We make it a policy to take the necessary preparation steps to make sure your wheels are prepped properly prior to powder coating. We offer an array of color selections and designs from solid colors, red lines, 2-tone combinations, and other custom designs. Our pricing is competitive and our services for all wheels that are coated over bare metal (with the exception of chrome) include a 1-Year Warranty for quality workmanship and durability. For Chrome Wheels, please read our policy below or contact us with any questions you may have. Our pricing structure provided below is based on our current effective labor rates. Custom work such as 2-tone effects, red lines, and other custom work are subject to additional labor charges at our standard labor rates of $60 per hour for prep work and $45 per hour for powder coating PLUS material cost. Material cost are invoiced soley for the cost of powder actually used at "our" cost (no markups on powder materials).



Wheel Price Lists:
Due to the varying nature of refinishing wheels to include type of wheel, wheel size, current wheel finish and condition, and type of powder coating finish selected (matte, base color with clear coat, 2-Stage, 2-Stage with Clear Coat), we are unable to publish a price list. Each estimate for refinishing wheels is prepared based on the specific customer requirements and services requried to properly refinish and warranty your wheels. Upon completion of your review of the initial estimate, estimates will be finalized upon delivery for refinishing and inspection of the wheels so we may more appropriately ascertain all work required and provide you the best pricing possible.


Problems, Solutions and
Our Policy for Powder Coating

People love the look & shine or of traditional chrome plated wheels. While this is all and good, most chrome plated wheels are a migraine headache just waiting to happen. The traditional chroming process produces a nice looking new wheel. Very shiny, very pretty!

However, in reality, you will have nothing but problems in the future with traditional chrome.The chroming process actually begins to deteriorate the aluminum of the wheel as soon as it begins, and consequently weakens the structure of the wheel itself. This process is also extremely hazardous, and produces many toxic byproducts.

Q: Ever have a chrome plated wheel that leaks, and you don't know why?

A: Over time (and not so much time) the chrome will start to pit, peel and corrode. This is caused by just the basic elements in nature. You know, road salt, brake dust, curbs, etc. Once the chrome plating is compromised (ie. cracked, gouged, curbed, etc.), the aluminum below it (the actual wheel itself) begins to oxidize (this is caused by exposure to oxygen and moisture) and corrode.Once the corrosion starts, and it will, it is only a matter of time before the wheel/tire starts to leak, and the general appearance of the wheel degrades. The chrome will start to pit, crack and peel. There is NO WAY TO AVOID THIS once it begins. This is just a common (and not advertised) side effect of the process. There are different qualities of chroming out there, but in this situation, you don't always get what you pay for.

Many of the domestic OE Manufacturers (ie. GM, Chrysler, Ford) offer chrome plated wheels as a factory option for most of their vehicles. Whereas, the majority of the Highline Import brands (ie. BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes) do not offer this as an option from the factory. In fact, Hexavalent / Trivalent Chromium (typical tradition chrome) production is not even permitted in Europe due to the toxicity and environmental impacts. Most of the world's chrome plating of automobile wheels is being done in China.

Possible alternatives are:

(1) Fully Painted, or Machined Style wheels (reconditioned or new). The Best and most economical option. Despite not being as shiny a chrome, the finish of a painted wheel will last much longer, is easier to repair if they become damaged, and offers flexibility for the finish of the final product. Likewise, these processes can be combined to produce some truly stunning results.

(2)PermaStar*Chrome. If you must have that chrome look, this is the option that it most like traditional chrome. PermaStar*Chrome is environmentally friendly, and will not pit or peel like its traditional counterpart. In addition, this process can be tinted or dyed to varying degrees to supply a more broad spectrum of consumer demands. **This process cannot be done to an already chrome plated wheel.**

(3)Re-Plating of a Chrome wheel is more costly and less effective that the two previous options. It can be rather expensive, and time consuming. It is usually cheaper to replace the wheels.

(4)Steel wheels are the least exspensive and least attractive option. Most steel wheels have hubcaps, or are painted a very bland shade of silver or black.

(5)Brand New replacement wheels (OEM or aftermarket) offer the greatest variety of options and prices.

Q: Can chrome/polished wheels be powder coated and what is your policy on powder coating chrome?

A: Chrome Wheels can be powder coated right over the chrome. However, the chrome must be in excellent condition with no chipping, peeling, cracking, pitting or crazing. If your chrome wheels ARE NOT in perfect condition and show any of the "wear" signs mentioned above, it is strongly advised that you have the chrome wheels stripped first. The only effective way to strip chrome wheels is with sulfuric acid. We do not strip chrome wheels. If your chrome wheels exhibit the "wear" signs as mentioned and you would still like to have them powder coated without having them properly stripped, we provide no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, for the longevity or appearance of any powder coating. Depending on the severity of the "wear" conditions, they may be media blasted prior to coating, but again, we DO NOT guarantee or warranty the longevity or appearance of any powder coating. Additionally, chrome wheels that are in perfect condition and powder coated are NOT covered by our 1-Year Limited Warranty. The reason we do not warranty chrome wheels in good condition is because we have no reasonable way of knowing how well the chrome wheels were coated, and shoud they begin to show "wear" signs with age, it will affect the powder coating, thereby giving the appearance of defective powder coating workmanship. The integrity of powder coating will only be as good as the condition of the surface being coated with no hidden barriers such as chrome.

Q: What does a chrome wheel look like after it oxidizes and lifts the chrome?

A: The chroming process includes a copper finish over the bare metal followed by a nickel chrome finish. Below are photos of a $1,000 3-piece wheel that was affected by corrosion. In these photos, you will notice the corrosion, rough edges where the corrosion lifted the chrome finish, copper and nickel finish, and the appearance of the chroming process after being media blast with aluminum oxide.

image image

Q: What happens if you powder coat over the affected corroded area of the wheel?

A: In all likelihood, the metal will outgas where there is corrosion and pitting in the metal wheel (bare metal area). Below is a photo of the area that outgassed. Outgassing occurs when the metal releases gases from being heated at a powder curing temperature that exceeds 350 degrees.


Q: How can chrome be stripped and do you know anyone who does strip chrome?

A: Chrome can be stripped but only with sulfuric acid, which we do not do. We can provide a recommendation for a company in the Mechanicsburg, PA area who does excellent chroming work. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Want to Save Money?

We always strive to help our customers save money and unnecessary expenses. So in preparation for having your wheels refinished, we recommend they be degreased and cleaned with valve stems, and all wheel weights and tape removed prior to delivery.

Wheels must be delived unmounted. We do dismount, mount or balance tires and wheels. If you are unable to have this done at time of delivery, contact us and we can assist you in making arrangements to have them unmounted, and remounted and balanced once powder coated.

One- Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

ALL RiMZCoat workmanship is accompanied by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for One-Year from date of delivery. Our Warranty GUARANTEES the quality of your refinished items against defective workmanship operated under normal conditions. The warranty does not, however, cover damage caused by faulty installation, damage to parts due to abuse, misuse, accident, improper maintenance, mishandling, or any natural acts of God.

"Shop Around" First

I encourage all my customers to shop around for different estimates. My goal is to provide you with the Best Overall Customer Service you deserve and provide you with more for less. My bottom line is to save you money without sacrificing quality workmanship. I guanantee every customer the most reasonable pricing for all my services and back my quality with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. I Guarantee my pricing in writing at time of finalizing your written estimate and you will NEVER incur unexpected percentage fees or additional charges; ONLY what is covered by your final estimate.

"I know what it's like as a consumer to pay for something that turns out to be less than what I expected; something I don't want my customers to ever have to experience when doing business with RiMZCOAT. I Guarantee this with my Written Estimates & Limited Warranty!" ~ Bob Zarrilli, Proprietor