Our pricing has been revised to reflect a single labor rate of $55.00 per hour for all media blasting and powder coating services.
(effective January 2018).

It is My Policy that You will ONLY be invoiced for the LOWER OF our Written Estimate or Actual Labor!

Written Estimates are provided to each customer with full disclosure of all applicable terms, conditions, breakdown of labor, materials, and pricing prior to any work being performed. During the refinishing process, all labor and materials are tracked so we can further attempt to pass on any additional savings to you; particularly where the final estimate may exceed actual costs. This ensures each of our customers are receiving the fairest pricing at a reasonable labor rate. Note that our labor rate includes the cost of standard stocked powder colors (such as blacks, whites and silvers), and excludes custom and special order powders such as 2-Stage colors and non-standard stock items.

In an effort to further reduce costs for our customers, we make every attempt to "Batch" as many customer items during each coating and oven curing batch and reflect such "batches" in each estimate. The determination to "batch," or coat and cure items during a single cure process, is typically determined by the number of items and their respective sizes, and is always discussed with the customer prior to any work being performed.

Pictured below are 21 engine parts for Ryan's speed boat. The batch price for coating these parts in a single-stage gloss black finish was $60.00 (excluding pre powder coating services). Our batch powder coating price to Ryan averaged Less Than $3.00 per part.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please Read in Full:

Some metals such as Cast or Forged Aluminum, frequently with wheels, have a tendency to outgas when being heated at required cure temperatures.

Outgassing can not be predicted prior to powder coating, however, we make every attempt to minimize the effects of outgassing for these type of non-ferous metals through pre heating treatements and application of out gas formula primer coatings.

We encourage each customer to familiarize theirself with outgassing by either reading our disclosure and policy notices at the bottom of this page and/or reviewing additonal intenet information via
Various Intenet Searches (Click here).


Sometimes called offgassing, particularly when in reference to indoor air quality) is the release of a gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen or absorbed in some material. Outgassing can include sublimation and evaporation which are phase transitions of a substance into a gas, as well as desorption, seepage from cracks or internal volumes and gaseous products of slow chemical reactions. Boiling is generally thought of as a separate phenomenon from outgassing because it consists of a phase transition of a liquid into a vapor made of the same substance.

In instances of powder coating, outgassing can occur with certain metals such as Cast Aluminum are heated and give off gases which get trapped between the metal and the powder, and thereby create a pimply finish effect rather than a smooth finish. There is no way to know if a certain metal will outgas prior to powder coating. We minimize the possibility of outgassing through pre-treatment of the metal prior to powder coating. This process greatly reduces the probability of outgassing, which will require re- stripping and re-powder coating. While we make every effort to eliminate and avoid outgassing, there is no guarantee that outgassing will not occur and therefore cannot be held responsible for outgassing. Outgassed items cannot be redone free of charge, but we WILL ALWAYS work with the customer to minimize any additional work or costs as a result of outgassing.