Our pricing structure has been revised to be simple and straight forward. Rates are effective as of February 1, 2016 (prior pricing as of November 30, 2014).

It is My Policy that You will ONLY be invoiced for the LOWER OF our Written Estimate or Actual Labor!

We "Batch Price" all Powder Coating at a Flat Rate starting at $45.00 per Batch plus "Our" material cost....NO Individual Item Pricing unless otherwise specified at time of final estimate!

NOTICE: Some metals such as Cast Aluminum, particularly with wheels, can have a tendency to outgass when being heated at a certain temperature. Outgassing can not be predicted prior to powder coating. Please read our disclosure notice at the bottom of this page for specific details regarding outgassing and our policy.

Pricing Details

Labor - Labor rate for all non-powder coating services is $60.00/hour.

Powder Coating - Our Pricing is straight-forward. We always attempt to base our powder coat pricing on "BATCH" pricing and NOT by individual item. When contacting us with your powder coating project, we will assess whether your project can be batch powder coated. For example, auto and motorcyle projects containing many small and medium sized parts can be batch coated. Larger items such as patio chairs, fire hyrants and motorcycle frames cannot be batch coated. Batchs are determined by the number and size of the project parts. When pricing your project, we will review all the possibilities of batch coating to make your restoration project as economical as possible for you.

All batch pricing is based on a flat rate of $45.00 per hour plus "Our" material cost. We DO NOT mark-up our material costs. Material cost of powders do vary depending on the type of powder selected for your project and the quantity of powder required. The types of powders are listed and described on our PC-Info Page. with "Standard" and "Metallics" being the least expensive.

Pictured below are 21 engine parts for Ryan's speed boat. The batch price for coating these parts in a single-stage gloss black finish was $60.00 (excluding pre powder coating services). Our batch powder coating price to Ryan averaged Less Than $3.00 per part.


Sometimes called offgassing, particularly when in reference to indoor air quality) is the release of a gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen or absorbed in some material. Outgassing can include sublimation and evaporation which are phase transitions of a substance into a gas, as well as desorption, seepage from cracks or internal volumes and gaseous products of slow chemical reactions. Boiling is generally thought of as a separate phenomenon from outgassing because it consists of a phase transition of a liquid into a vapor made of the same substance.

In instances of powder coating, outgassing can occur with certain metals such as Cast Aluminum are heated and give off gases which get trapped between the metal and the powder, and thereby create a pimply finish effect rather than a smooth finish. There is no way to know if a certain metal will outgas prior to powder coating. We minimize the possibility of outgassing through pre-treatment of the metal prior to powder coating. This process greatly reduces the probability of outgassing, which will require re- stripping and re-powder coating. While we make every effort to eliminate and avoid outgassing, there is no guarantee that outgassing will not occur and therefore cannot be held responsible for outgassing. Outgassed items cannot be redone free of charge, but we WILL ALWAYS work with the customer to minimize any additional work or costs as a result of outgassing.