We take great pride in refinishing your wheels. Wheels do make a statement and depending on your personal preferences, they can range from being simplistic to being eye-catching. We make it a policy to take the necessary preparation steps to make sure your wheels are prepped properly prior to powder coating. We offer an array of color selections and designs from solid colors, red lines, 2-tone combinations, and other custom designs. Our pricing is competitive and our services for all wheels that are coated over bare metal (with the exception of chrome) include a 1-Year Warranty for quality workmanship and durability. For Chrome Wheels, please read our policy below or contact us with any questions you may have. Our pricing structure provided below is based on our current effective labor rates. Custom work such as 2-tone effects, red lines, and other custom work are subject to additional labor charges at our standard labor rates of $60 per hour for prep work and $30 per hour for powder coating PLUS material cost. Material cost are invoiced soley for the cost of powder actually used at "our" cost (no markups on powder materials).



Wheel Price List

Effective May 8, 2015

Chrome Wheels
Chrome Wheels can be powder coated right over the chrome. However, the chrome must be in excellent condition with no chipping, peeling, cracking, pitting or crazing. If your chrome wheels ARE NOT in perfect condition and show any of the "wear" signs mentioned above, it is strongly advised that you have the chrome wheels stripped first. The only effective way to strip chrome wheels is with sulfuric acid. We do not strip chrome wheels. If your chrome wheels exhibit the "wear" signs as mentioned and you would still like to have them powder coated without having them properly stripped, we provide no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, for the longevity or appearance of any powder coating. Depending on the severity of the "wear" conditions, they may be media blasted prior to coating, but again, we DO NOT guarantee or warranty the longevity or appearance of any powder coating. Additionally, chrome wheels that are in perfect condition and powder coated are NOT covered by our 1-Year Limited Warranty. The reason we do not warranty chrome wheels in good condition is because we have no reasonable way of knowing how well the chrome wheels were coated, and shoud they begin to show "wear" signs with age, it will affect the powder coating, thereby giving the appearance of defective powder coating workmanship. The integrity of powder coating will only be as good as the condition of the surface being coated with no hidden barriers such as chrome.
Want to Save Money?
We always strive to help our customers save money and unnecessary expenses. So in preparation for having your wheels refinished, we recommend they be degreased and cleaned with valve stems and all wheel weights and tape removed prior to delivery.

Wheels must be delived unmounted. We do dismount, mount or balance tires and wheels. If you are unable to have this done at time of delivery, contact us and we can assist you in making arrangements to have them unmounted, and remounted and balanced once powder coated.

One- Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our workmanship is accompanied by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for One-Year from date of delivery. Some exceptions apply (see below). Our Warranty GUARANTEES the quality of your refinished items against defective workmanship operated under normal conditions. The warranty does not, however, cover damage caused by faulty installation, damage to parts due to abuse, misuse, accident, improper maintenance, mishandling, or any natural acts of God.

Warranty does not apply to hi-temperature coatings or our policy on coating chrome parts and wheels (refer to our disclaimer on our "Wheels" website page.

Applicability of warranty will be provided in writing on all "Final" estimates and invoices.

"I know what it's like as a consumer to pay for something that turns out to be less than what I expected; something I don't want my customers to ever have to experience when doing business with RiMZCOAT. I Guarantee this with MY Written Estimates & Limited Warranty!" ~ Bob Zarrilli, Proprietor