About Us
Established in October 2006, RiMZCOAT Powder Coating is a small private shop located on the boundaries of Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties, PA, and is easily accesible from the Reading and Philadelphia areas. RiMZCOAT specializes in Powder Coating, Media Blasting (Glass Beading), and Stripping of Factory and Powder Coated Finishes of many small, medium and some large metal parts. RiMZCoat is owned and operated by Bob Zarrilli, an avid car and restoration enthusiast, who has been involved with powder coating since 1997.

The RiMZCoat Difference
Bob prides his business on Quality, which is guaranteed by the attention to detail your parts are given in properly preparing and cleaning them before powder coating. His attention to detail and assuring every part is properly cleaned and preped before coating is the difference and it's why he can guarantee you show quality parts with the appearance, durability and longevity you expect and deserve. At RiMZCoat, our Standard is the Difference and the Difference is Giving You More for Less!

One- Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our workmanship is accompanied by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for One-Year from date of delivery. Some exceptions apply (see below). Our Warranty GUARANTEES the quality of your refinished items against defective workmanship operated under normal conditions. The warranty does not, however, cover damage caused by faulty installation, damage to parts due to abuse, misuse, accident, improper maintenance, mishandling, or any natural acts of God.

Warranty does not apply to hi-temperature coatings or our policy on coating chrome parts and wheels (refer to our disclaimer on our "Wheels" website page.

Applicability of warranty will be provided in writing on all "Final" estimates and invoices.

"I know what it's like as a consumer to pay for something that turns out to be less than what I expected; something I don't want my customers to ever have to experience when doing business with RiMZCOAT. I Guarantee this with MY Written Estimates & Limited Warranty!" ~ Bob Zarrilli, Proprietor