Gallery Seven

This gallery with cover an assortment of household and collectible types of items such as door hardware, custom fire hydrants with powder coated lettering, outdoor chairs, and 4 QT and 8 QT Fruit-Wine Presses.
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Image 3-1
Brass Door Handle Media Blasted

Image 3-2
Brass Door Handle Media Blasted

Image 3-3
Brass Door Handle in Textured Black

Image 3-4
Antique Stand Rusty Base

Image 3-5
Antique Stand Rusted

Image 3-6
Antique Stand Rusted

Image 3-7
Antique Stand with Chrome Base Color

Image 3-8
Antique Stand with Translucent Violet Finish

Image 3-9
Antique Stand Refinished with Bright Yellow and Red Plates

Image 3-10
Outdoor Chair Seat and Back in Gloss White

Image 3-11
Outdoor Chair Frame in Gloss White

Image 3-12
Outdoor Chair Set in Gloss White

Image 3-13
1947 Fire Hydrant Media Blasted

Image 3-14
Hydrant showing Bright Red Caps with Gold Chains

Image 3-15
Closer View of Red Cap with Gold Chain

Image 3-16
Gold Applied for Lettering

Image 3-17
Gold Letters tapped out for White and Red Top

Image 3-18
Visual of Red, Gold and White Powder Combination