Gallery Six

This gallery is a continuation of Galleries Four and Five and covers assorted auto, marine and motorcycle/ATV projects refinished in a variety of color finishes.
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Image 2-43
RiMZCoat Offer Complete Brake & Wheel Resto's

Image 2-26
C2 Corvette Cover Coated Chrome

Image 2-27
C2 Corvette Cover Coated Chrome

Image 2-28
1980 Corvette Air Cleaner Assembly

Image 2-29
Alternator Housing Coated Gloss Black

Image 2-30
Brake Drum Coated Black

Image 2-31
1987 Mustang GT Caliper Set

Image 2-32
Brake Rotor in Gold with Clear Gloss

Image 2-33
Charger HEMI Covers in Black, Red & Silver Sparkle>br>
Image 2-34
Charger Installed HEMI Covers with Cold Air Intake

Image 2-35
HD Motorcycle - John Deere Colors

Image 2-36
Gloss White ATV Frame

Image 2-37
Neon Yellow ATV Frame

Image 2-38</a><br>

<span class= Candy Grape Mini-Bike Frame

Image 2-39
ATV Frame & Parts for Justin Lillick (In The News)

Image 2-40
Justin's ATV with His Custom Rimzcoat Logo

Image 2-41
RiMZCoat Sponsorship - Quarter Midget Team

Image 2-42
RiMZCoat Sponsorships Available