Gallery Three

This gallery is a continuation of Galleries One and Two and covers all types of coatings from Standard solid colors to Custom Powder Coated Logo and Lettering.
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Image 1-37
Tractor Wheel Media Blasted

Image 1-38
2-Tone Silver and Black Tractor Wheel

Image 1-39
3-Tone Ford Ranger Wheel

Image 1-40

Image 1-41
Eccentric Sparkle Purple and Neon Pink

Image 1-42
Wet Black Wheels

Image 1-43
Gina's Black Chrome Lancer Wheels

Image 1-44
Dormant Orange and Blue Sparke Busa Wheel & Caliper

Image 1-45
Rear Busa Wheel & Caliper

Image 1-46
BMW M5 Cand Apple Red Wheel

Image 1-47
Motorcycle Wheels & Spindles

Image 1-48
Custom Lettering Hand Applied

Image 1-49
Custom Lettering

Image 1-50
Custom Lettering with RiMZCOAT Logo

Image 1-51
Custom Auto Logos

Image 1-52
Custom Auto Logos

Image 1-53
Transparent Blue Motorcycle Wheel

Image 1-54
2-Tone Kawaski Green with Gloss Black