Gallery One

This gallery covers all types of coatings from Standard solid colors to Red Line Powder Coated Stripped Wheels.
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Image 1-1
M3 Wheel Media Blasted

Image 1-2
M3 Wheel-Front Silver Base Applied

Image 1-3
M3 Wheel - Back Silver Base Applied

Image 1-4
M3 - Candy Red 1st Coat Applied

Image 1-5
M3 - Candy Red 2nd Coat Applied

Image 1-6
M3 Wheels Complete Set

Image 1-7
Gloss Black wth Silver Sparkle Lip

Image 1-8
2 Refinihsed Wheels

Image 1-9
Mistsubishi Lancer GTS Wheels

Image 1-10
Gloss Black with Frog Green Lip

Image 1-11
Cadillac CTS Red Line Wheel

Image 1-12
Red Line Wheel Silver Sparkle Spokes

Image 1-13
Lazor Bronze Just Coated

Image 1-14
Lazor Bronze 4 Wheel Set

Image 1-15
Gloss White Coated Over Chrome Finish

Image 1-16
Custom Coating RiMZCoat Wheels

Image 1-17
Custom Logos, Lip & Spokes

Image 1-18
Attention to Detail for Entire Wheel